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Find meaning.
Rediscover joy.
Live life fully.



Confidential peer support for physicians and medical students

with Richelle Marracino, MD

Are you constantly stressed?
Do you feel drained?
Is work frustrating and pointless?
Do you feel stuck?

YOU are not alone

It's not your fault

Get Your Free Ebook
7 "Resets" for Busy Physicians


25 page mini-book with proven tips to:

  • Boost your confidence

  • Decrease your stress

  • Improve your relationships





If you resonate with any of this, you might be experiencing burnout. Two out of three physicians are, so you're in good company.

You're not weak. There's nothing wrong with you. Our health care system is dehumanizing. It pushes us to the limit and can leave us shattered. 

I know. I've been there, myself.


Until the system changes, it's up to us to stick together and keep each other strong. My colleagues stuck by me and pulled me up when I was burned out, and I've dedicated myself to paying it forward. Let me do the same for you!​

I'm a practicing, board-certified family physician who has weathered countless storms over two decades in medicine. I've learned a lesson or two as I stuck it out without quitting, and would love to support you through this season.

Don't suffer alone. I'm here for you.

"Richelle sets me at ease.
She makes me feel safe to open up about what I've gone through.
It's made a huge difference to work with her!



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