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It's never too late to live the life  you want.

I'm here for  you.

It took courage for you to take this step and visit here today. You deserve acknowledgment for that. 

Whatever you're going through, take this moment to breathe and focus.

woman, lady, doctor, life coach, mindset coach, breakthrough coach, mindfulness coach

It may feel scary to reach out, but if you're here, returning to the way things were is not an option anymore. You've had enough!

Ready for a change?

Awards & Publications

  • Will Alexander Award for Whole-Person Care. LLUSM

  • Award for Excellence in OB/GYN, LLUSM

  • Ethics Essay Award Recipient, LLUSM

  • Publication in Journal of General Internal Medicine

  • Published monthly column for Orange County Family Magazine and Inland Empire Family Magazine

  • 1st Prize Toastmasters Speech Competition for Division

  • President's Award, Division of Student Affairs, CSUSB

What  you will get from working with me:

  • Safe, confidential and non-judgmental space for unpacking everything you carry.

  • Simple, actionable, transformative steps to begin feeling better NOW.

  • Liberty to share without disclosure to your professional licensing board. This is coaching, not therapy.

  • Talk without concern for impact on your reputation or employment, and without having to explain medical culture and physician workplace settings. I get it.

  • Support for navigating workplace politics

  • Increased clarity and peace.

  • Support from me every step of the way.

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