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How to break through to success.

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Maybe you've been trying for years and keep running up against the same obstacles. Perhaps it's a dream you've held in your heart but feel unable to accomplish because life has gotten away from you and you're certain it's too late. Perhaps it's a goal you've wished for, but can't seem to tackle until your family or partner gets on board. Perhaps it's the hope you've harbored for a change in a loved one, and you're starting to give up.

No matter what we're attempting to accomplish, every effort starts with our thoughts.

And much of our thoughts are shaped in childhood, when we learn how life "should" and "shouldn't" work.

Sometimes we've been saddled with fears, anxieties. We may feel hopeless and depressed. We may be weighed down by obligation and guilt.

Sometimes we're in relationships that are toxic. Sometimes we believe we cannot or should not pursue our dream, or we will, but only when certain things happen.

But the reality is, these are all constructs of our thoughts.

To paraphrase the Dhammapada, with our thoughts we shape our world. Our beliefs about ourselves are often what hold us back, and overcoming them is often what catapults us into new possibilities!

The greatest determinant of success is what you believe about yourself.

Stop and really think about that.

It ultimately boils down to what you BELIEVE about yourself.

You are able to do more than what you think is possible, when you release yourself of limiting beliefs, shed the fear of change, spread your wings and fly.

What limiting thoughts are holding you back?

(Hint: they usually start with the word "should.")

If the "shoulds" carry highly charged residue, and are hard to unpack without facing intense memories, reach out to me. You don't have to do this alone. I'm here for you.


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